The mission of For the Love of Birthmothers is to serve birthmothers by offering insight, affirmation and community so that these mothers might find validation and love to overcome the pain created by empty arms. Although much of the material is geared toward birthmother readers, this blog’s goal is to also be a resource for any families touched by adoption. Individuals who have adopted, plan to adopt or place, have given for adoption, or have themselves been adopted, are all welcome. Based in California, For the Love of Birthmothers hopes to be a voice outside the mainstream dialogue to illustrate how varied adoption stories are, to shift harmful stereotypes about adoption to healthy truths, and to dispel misconceptions about open adoption by replacing them with true stories where harmony between the mothers and families is achieved.

For the Love of Birthmothers is solely published by me, Emily Brunett (read my story). Sometimes I may post contributions, but unless otherwise noted, all other material is written from my own experience and opinions. As the blog ages, I will continue to add new material (like interviews and guest posts) and hope to soon offer a full page of outside resources.

I don’t know everything. I’m in this boat with you, Birthmothers. I struggle and cry and even feel lost. Each of us has our own adoption journey; but I want to share mine with you. I want to offer you my thoughts and feelings so you can be reminded that you are not alone; I want to provide information and resources to you for finding support; I want to join hands with you and a hundred other birthmothers and walk this journey together.

Although I am a believer in God, and some of my writing reflects these beliefs, this community is offered as an inclusive resource to members of all, if any, religious beliefs.

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